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Unwanted Hair On Your Face or Body?

Laser hair removal with our Luminus & Soprano machines is a permanent way to reduce unwanted hair. Schedule an appointment today!

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal applies safe, selective damage to hair follicles while leaving the rest of the skin undamaged. During the process of laser hair removal, light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and is then converted into heat energy, thereby raising the hair temperature. When the temperature is high enough, irreversible damage occurs to the hair structures, preventing further growth.

The laser works by disabling hairs that are in their active growth cycle at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to disable all of the follicles in a given area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Almost all areas can be treated, including arms, axilla, face, fingers/hands, abdomen, back, pubic region, anal region, upper and lower legs, feet/toes, and ears.

  • - Stay out of the sun: Tanning your skin will inhibit the laser to reach its full depth of penetration into the hair follicle if it has a competing chromophore (melanin).

    - No plucking: Do not wax or pluck for 4-6 weeks prior to your appointment. This will ensure the hair is in the anagen (growing) stage and will allow for better results.

    - Shave the night before: Shave the area that will be treated. This will allow the laser access to the hair shaft within the follicle so the energy can travel down and destroy the hair.

  • When you return home after your session at Dream Skin Lasers med spa, your hair will still be there, and your skin will be slightly red. This can seem disappointing—after all, your results with waxing and the like provide instant results. But the vehicle for the unwanted hair growth is now damaged or destroyed. Without the follicle to anchor them, the hairs will begin to fall out over the following days. You need to be patient and not pluck or scrub the hairs in an attempt to accelerate their falling out. Let the hairs release on their timeframe.

    After a few days, it will look like there is new hair growing on the treatment areas. This can be even more disconcerting, but do not worry. This is a sign that the laser energy was successful in zapping the follicles. Hair that was down below the skin in the follicles is being pushed out and shed.

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“I did my first laser hair removal session with Dream Skin Laser and I’m already seeing progress. They were so professional and took a genuine interest in me and my results. If you’re considering doing a package there for whatever treatment I highly recommend them. They definitely created the ultimate customer service experience. I’m looking forward to my next couple of sessions.”
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