EmSlim NEO 2021

Advanced Body Sculpting

While there may be a large assortment of treatments that you can employ for body contouring, one specific medical spa treatment has been getting next level results. Introducing the EmSlim NEO 2021, an FDA-cleared body sculpting device, which uses energy to amplify muscle tone, and assist in fat reduction.

You will be absolutely amazed at how lustrous and sculpted your physique will appear after only a few session with the EMSlim NEO, which we offer at Dream Skin Lasers.

The Treatment and Results

Receiving EMSlim NEO 2021 treatment is incredibly simple. When the device is in use, you will notice the muscle contractions and a warming feeling that is in no way unpleasant. It has been described as being similar to how a hot stone massage may feel.

The best EmSlim NEO results can be noticed up to 3 months post-treatment, however this will vary between patients. Often, people recognize a smoother and sleeker appearance after only a few days. Our figure-contouring treatment is described as rapid-response device, because of just how quickly your body can notice positive changes. What is achieved in only a few days has been compared to how your body might look after 6 months of rigorous diet and exercise!

The session schedule for the entire EmSlim therapy includes 6 treatments over a period of 3 weeks, one every few days. After a couple months have passed, you will maintain the results with 2 additional sessions. Please remember, these sessions are only around 30 minutes each and include no downtime. You will be able to go right back to work or your regular activities.

How the Technology Works

Using two types of highly focused electromagnetic energy, the Emslim NEO 2021 causes 20,000 muscle contractions over a 30-minute session that will increase metabolism, kill off fat cells, and stimulate lean muscle growth. This body-contouring and sculpting treatment is a non-invasive way to get that sleek and toned body you desire without surgery.


  • The areas of the body which we treat most commonly with Emslim NEO 2021 are the belly, butt, legs, and arms. The device works miracles, particularly on the flabby parts of the thighs and rear end, for a smoother look that you will see after the very first treatment.

  • Emslim NEO 2021 works in a unique fashion, by simultaneously eliminating fat deposits, while increasing beneficial muscle tone for a sleeker look to the body. Becoming slimmer and more toned is the ultimate goal of the Emslim NEO 2021 on your assorted trouble spots that are difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone.

  • Please recognize that we advise that anyone who wants to undergo Emslim NEO 2021 should try to be within 15-30lbs of their ideal weight, or for healthy people with a BMI of <30. Individuals who receive body sculpting treatment need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain their treatment results.

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